Public Works

Soholt and Company is a Landscape Contractor in Riverside, California  offering landscaping design and installation for public, city or government projects.  We have experience working with public agencies, and as a result understand the differences between public works and commercial projects. We are able to work with constraints that would frustrate most landscape designers. Instead we see public projects as an opportunity to create a beautiful, publicly owned space.

  • Award Winning Designs - In 2011 Riverside Public Utilities won the 25th Annual Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful (KRCB) Special Recognition Award for our re-landscape design at the Utilities Operation Center. See the photos and read more about the award here.
  • Professional Planning - Our designers, landscapers and contractors will work with your agency to plan and gather any ideas you may have for your landscape project. Our goal is to understand the overall direction of the project and ensure we adhere to your guidelines in every way. Soholt works with public, city and government agencies on a regular basis so we understand the quality of work that is required.
  • Public Projects - Our approach to landscaping fits perfectly with any project, from city parks to public libraries. We evaluate the location and determine the best strategy and solution for the beautification of your property that is cost effective, easy to maintain and compliments the facility.

At Soholt we understand that the public image of a city project reflects on the quality of the city itself. Having created landscapes in Riverside for over 30 years we know the regional dos and don'ts so if you're looking for a sustainable landscape, we can create a custom solution that will do just that. With our irrigation systems, drought tolerant options, and maintenance services, our landscapes stay looking healthy, even during the hot summer months.

Professional Quality from Start to Finish

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