Landscape Design Services

 Soholt has been in the landscaping business long enough to know that there are "gardeners" and there are "landscapers".  Soholt does more than just the basic landscaping duties such as, trimming the grass, clipping the hedges and watering the greenery.

Landscape Design in Riverside

We can design and implement major landscape renovation projects that can transform any dull landscape into space you can be proud of. We have been working in Riverside since 1984, and with over 30 years of Southern California landscaping experience, we have the experience to deliver results.

Purpose Driven Design

When we design a landscape, we take many factors into account. What style does the owner want? What can the local climate support? These are just a few of the questions we ask when creating a space. Combine this with our attention to longevity and lasting appeal and you will have a landscape that will compliment your exterior for years to come.

To begin the design process for your landscape, get in touch with our team via the contact page.

Professional Quality from Start to Finish

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