Commercial Landscape Design Services

Soholt and Company is a Landscape Contractor in Riverside, California providing professional Commercial and Industrial Landscaping, Commercial and Industrial Landscape Design and Commercial and Industrial Landscape Services in Riverside, CA and the Inland Empire for a variety of business types and sizes. Our team will work with your organization to realize your brand in your exterior landscape.

  • Landscape Design - Whether you own your building, you are a commercial developer or you are a leasing agency our team will work with your organization and create a landscape design to reflect your brand in your exterior landscape. Our full service approach to landscape design will provide you with an exterior that reflects your company and requires little to no work on your part to maintain. We even offer landscape maintenance so you can remain hands off, forever.
  • Landscape Construction - Sometimes a location requires modifications in order to house a particular design style. Soholt is able to recreate the construction of your location to match your target landscape goals. We manage any construction modifications or new construction that needs to be performed, ensuring that it is completed within the specifications of the overall design goals of the project.
  • Irrigation Systems - Soholt designs and installs irrigation systems that match the types of landscapes being created. We design and install all types of irrigation systems and will select the right one to fit your location specific needs. We also repair irrigation systems as part of our landscape maintenance services.
  • Hydroseeding - Soholt provides professional hyrdoseeding services if your business needs a fast way of getting grass and greenery planted quickly. This is a quick solution to creating large green areas, with a lower cost than hand planting.
  • Landscape Maintenance - For those who desire a hands off approach to landscaping, we offer a variety of maintenance options to keep your landscape as clean and healthy as when it first went in. Our maintenance services are designed to complement the type of landscape you have. More about Landscape Maintenance

Professional Quality from Start to Finish

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